Amy Schumer’s Shocking Story!

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Hot new comedian Amy Schumer said her more than $8 million book deal will bare her most heartbreaking sexual secrets!

“She’s not going to leave anything (off) the table,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

The star of the hit film “Trainwreck” will tackle “a traumatic sexual experience” in a series of essays, said executives familiar with Amy’s book proposal.

Amy, 34, has hinted in the past at the possibility she was raped.

“Most women I know … have had a sexual experience that they were really uncomfortable with — and that if it wasn’t completely rape, it was something very similar to rape,” she said.

“There’s a gray area of rape, and I call it ‘grape.’”

Other topics in the book reportedly include her father’s tragic battle with multiple sclerosis, which bankrupted Amy’s family, and the alcoholism that nearly tore him apart!

“This is really going to be a shocking tell-all for her fans!” promised the source.