Amy Adams Secret Sorrow


OSCAR nominee Amy Adams suffered a horrific double-whammy as a kid growing up. When she was just 11 years old, her parents divorced and, according to a source, her mother ended up with her lesbian lover. Then, her father remarried and Amy went off to live with family friends during high school.

A family insider says that the “American Hustle” beauty was “devastated” when her parents divorced.

But Amy has overcome the hardship of her youth and is now poised on the pinnacle of Hollywood success after being nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a con artist in “American Hustle.”

Still, it’s been a long, bumpy ride. The 39-year-old star’s parents, Kathryn and Richard Adams, were married in a Mormon temple in 1960 and settled in Castle Rock, Colo.

After her mother’s shocking decision to file for divorce – according to the source, she left the marriage for another woman – Amy’s parents divorced in 1986. Although Amy’s mother sought joint custody, Amy’s father was granted custody of all seven Adams children. Kathryn was ordered to pay $25 a month for each of her minor children, but a few years later she was hit with a contempt citation for failure to pay the child support.

By then Amy was a teenager, and her father had remarried. He had three more kids and, according to the source, Amy and her three older siblings ended up living with other families when Amy was a teenager.

“They went to live with different family friends in the area for a couple of years because it was too much of a financial struggle for her father,” explained the insider. “Amy was heartbroken,” the source said, and she was “crying herself to sleep at night.”

Contacted by The ENQUIRER, a woman who identified herself as Amy’s mother Kathryn wouldn’t discuss Amy’s childhood and said only: “I am very proud of my daughter Amy. She has worked very hard to be a successful actress and she deserves to win the Oscar.”

Meanwhile, bighearted Amy has forgiven her parents and seems to have no permanent scars from her unstable childhood. Yet her own family life is unusual. Despite being engaged since 2008 to actor Darren Le Gallo – and raising 3-year-old daughter Aviana with him – Amy has still not set a wedding date.