'A Double Loss!'

Alan Thicke: His Widow’s Heartache Over Lost Family

Tragedy as star leaves his widow without children!

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Alan Thicke’s grieving widow Tanya Callau is coping with duel tragedies — her hubby’s shocking death and the fact they never had kids!

Tanya, 41, longed to start a family with the beloved “Growing Pains” star, but Alan — who already had three sons from previous marriages — kept stalling her, sources said.

“When Alan and Tanya first met, she couldn’t wait to be a mom,” an insider told The National ENQUIRER back in July.

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But Alan“didn’t want to be an 88-year-old dad when his kid graduates high school.”

Now, after Alan’s death at 69 from a ruptured aorta, Tanya admits to “gut-wrenching sadness and unbelievable grief” after burying her “soul- mate.”

“It’s a double loss for Tanya,” says an insider. “Everyone’s heart breaks for her.”