Aging Madonna Terrified Of Becoming Immaterial Girl

Aging madonna terrified of becoming immaterial girl ne short

Madonna is giving up her quest for the Fountain of Youth and finally accepting the grim fact that she is getting older.

The 57-year-old icon has tried everything she could think of to win her decades-long race against time.

But now the Material Girl is seeing a Manhattan therapist in an effort to come to grips with aging.

“She is worried about becoming irrelevant,” said a source. “Madonna can’t stand the fact that she is almost 60.

“Her daughter, Lourdes, keeps telling her mom it just makes her look older when she tries so hard to look younger, but Madonna doesn’t want to hear it,” tattled the source.

“She dresses more like a teen with each passing day.”

Madonna is particularly self-conscious about her hands and often wears gloves to conceal them.

“She knows they age her,” the source said. “But no matter how hard she tries to stop the hands of time, it’s never enough.”