It’s official – Clark Kent and super-friends to return for record breaking 10th Smallville season!

The renewal has been confirmed by multiple sources as the CW hit about the adventures of a fledgling Superman held strong this year on Friday nights.

And it’s critically acclaimed 2-hour special event "Absolute Justice" featuring the Justice Society characters Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Star Girl gave the show it’s strongest ratings ever!

The star Tom Welling is now locked in as Clark Kent/Superman as his deal’s finally been inked. No Welling, no show.

The ENQUIRER has learned talks are underway with Michael Rosenbaum to return as super-nemesis Lex Luthor to amp the villainy quota for what will probably be the super-show’s final season.

Smallville is now the longest running Superman series ever and Welling has played the part longer than any of the other Supermen combined.