A-listers Seek Panic Rooms After Stalker Scares!

Panic Room
Panic Room

Terrified A-listers are hitting the panic room button to protect themselves from a surge of home invasions in their uber-exclusive neighborhoods as a vicious South American crime gang deliberately targets monied enclaves across the U.S.

Los Angeles has been particularly hard hit, sparking a massive 1,000 percent increase in panic room inquiries.

“It’s gone insane,” explains Dean Cryer of Panic Room Builders. “We’ve even done bunkers and tunnels.”

As The National ENQUIRER reported, Kim Kardashian has been looking to install a panic room following her split from bipolar Kanye West, and Selena Gomez has reportedly been seeking extra protection at her new mansion after multiple stalker scares.

Meanwhile, Hollywood was rocked in December when an invasion at famed music producer Clarence Avant’s 
$7 million Beverly Hills home left his wife, Jacqueline, dead. Celeb tattoo artist Kat Von D also reported a break-in at her $15 million home while she and her son slept inside.

“Once one millionaire in the neighborhood gets a panic room, everyone else will follow suit,” notes a real estate source. “It becomes fashionable. Within ten years, they’ll be standard in almost all high-end mansions.”