There Is Only One!

Selena Slams Pals For Setting Her Up With Justin Bieber Lookalike

Effort to lift singer from funk falls flat!

selena gomez justin bieber breakup
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Selena Gomezstill stinging over Justin Bieber’s unexpected engagement to Hailey Baldwin — agreed to allow her friends to set her up with two blind-date mates, because the heart wants what it wants, and you can’s say no forever.

The well-intentioned galpals hoped one of their prospects might fill the void left by the one-time Disney diva‘s newly betrothed former beau.

“Selena actually agreed to the hookups sight unseen, but neither handsome bachelor made her heart go pitter-patter,” a pal spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

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“One of the guys actually reminded her too much of Justin,” the source continued.

“Selena said to her friend, ‘Why in the world would you set me up with a Bieber look-alike? ’

“Shrugged the meddling matchmaker: ‘I just thought he seemed your type.’”