Bitter Split!

Helen Hunt’s REALLY Mad About Her Ex

Mom concerned her star daughter needs to calm down!

helen hunt matthew carnahan custody feud
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Helen Hunt — an Oscar winner for As Good As It Gets — is as mad as it gets after a brutal breakup with her longtime partner!

The Mad About You star has been trashing estranged ex Matthew Carnahan after he allegedly cheated on her during their 16-year relationship!

“Helen can play dirty when she wants to!” tattled a source. “She’s convinced that Matthew two-timed her, so she’s taking shots at him now!”

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Writer/producer Matthew and Helen went their separate ways in August 2017, but they still haven’t settled their assets or custody of their daughter, Makena.

“Helen can’t let go of what she perceived as Matthew’s betrayal,” the source said. “She’s been bad-mouthing him to all their friends in the hopes that he’ll have less time with Makena.”

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The actress’ mother, Jane, has begged her to stop the smear campaign against Matthew.

“Jane’s trying to talk some sense into her daughter,” the source added. “Helen needs to move on.”