Cold War!

Will Smith’s Secret Feud With George Clooney

Hollywood's stayed hush-hush about Fresh Prince's fuming!

will smith george clooney feud

Will Smith has been trash-talking George Clooney — and insiders have said it’s out of jealousy!

“Will can’t stand the guy, and doesn’t care if people know it!” said a source.

“He gripes George is overrated and overpaid and even copied his style!”

Pals also note that this quietly fuming celebrity feud doesn’t involve any workplace disputes — except for the “Gravity” star famously dropping out of co-starring with Will in 1999’s “The Wild Wild West,” which went on to be a big-screen bomb!

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Instead, said a source close to Will, “He sees George as a cheeseball AND doesn’t get why George is receiving a ton of lifetime achievement awards while he doesn’t get a look.”

And as far as George goes, sources report that “he doesn’t appreciate” the Fresh Prince’s nasty talk!