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Les Moonves’ Baby Granddaughter Allegedly Lives in Roach-Infested Home

Adam Moonves ‘didn’t think he needed to contribute financially,’ child's mom claims.

Les Moonves’ Baby Granddaughter Allegedly Lives in Roach-Infested Home
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Not fit for a child! That’s what Gina DeMasi says of the small, roach-infested New York City apartment she lives in with her 11-month-old daughter Ari Moonves. Yes, that Moonves. Little Ari is the daughter of Adam Moonves, who is the son of former CBS CEO Les Moonves.

DeMasi told Law & Crime that she wants Adam to step up and help out a little bit more financially with their daughter.

“Ari’s father definitely acknowledged her birth,” the 39-year-old told the website. “He was there for the birth but didn’t think he needed to contribute financially.”

The former hospitality worker said that Adam, who is a co-owner of a bar called Mr. Fong’s, currently pays $2,500 a month in child support and $900 for daycare. But, she says, it’s not enough. Why? She says her rent is $1,500 a month, while health insurance is another $1,500, and she also needs to buy food, diapers, and other necessities.

Finances went from bad to worse, she said, with bill collectors coming after her for hospital bills from delivering Ari, and now being $13,000 in debt from legal fees as well.

“[Adam] is very well aware of how we are living,” DeMasi claimed. “He knows we are behind on rent. He knows I’m losing sleep over the debt collector stuff.”

She also told Page Six that her ex is a “party boy.” “He lives has a beautiful apartment near Union Square, but he seems fine with his daughter living in poverty.”

In a statement, Adam’s attorney Kevin McDonough disputes that his client isn’t adequately providing for the little girl. “Adam Moonves has always been committed to supporting his daughter, Ari. Adam began his support voluntarily, well before she was born,” McDonough shared with Law & Crime. “Adam has continued to provide substantial support and will do so for Ari’s lifetime. Adam and his family love his daughter very much, and deeply regret that others have chosen to publicize a private issue. Any claim that Adam has not met and exceeded his financial obligation is demonstrably false.”

Indeed, Nancy Moonves, Adam’s mom and the ex-wife of the former network bigwig, has shared on her Instagram account numerous pictures and videos of little Ari being adored by the wealthy family. (The disgraced honcho is reportedly worth $700 million.)

However, DeMasi told Page Six that when she asked Nancy for some help, “she said the family doesn’t want to talk about money; she told me Adam is doing the best he can. He doesn’t work, so this is all he can afford.”

Regarding the roach-infested little apartment, DeMasi says she does her best to keep it “really, really clean,” but there’s only so much she can do without moving to an apartment that is more than she can afford.

“There was a cockroach crawling on her high chair,” she told Law & Crime. “Then when I was doing her laundry yesterday morning, there were cockroaches in the washing machine. My doctor is worried because there is a link between the development of asthma in kids and exposure to cockroaches.”

But things are looking slightly better for the single mom. DeMasi says that Adam has since agreed to pony up back child support and help out with some medical bills.

DeMasi told Law & Crime: “I just want a better life for her.”