EVIL Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara brutally raped and stabbed a young mom to death in front of her 4-year-old stepson – and now the FBI needs YOUR help to bring the vicious killer to justice.

Guevara has been on the run since 2008 but was recently added to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted fugitives list. Now they’re asking ENQUIRER readers for information that would lead to his arrest. If you know where this brutal murderer is, you could be eligible for a $100,000 reward!

“He is wanted for his role in this brutal attack and murder, made all the more heinous in that he com­mitted the crime in the presence of a child,” said Michael Anderson, special agent in charge of the FBI’s New Orleans office.

“We are hoping that the public­ity associated with this case, along with the significant reward, will lead to his arrest.”

Guevara was a 20-year-old laborer working illegally in Lake Charles, La., when, after going on a drinking binge with his buddies, he broke into the trailer park home of a neighbor, 26-year-old Wanda Barton.

Wanda’s husband was at work when Guevara surprised the young mom and her stepson. After raping her, he brutally slashed and stabbed her 16 times, snuffing out her life in front of the terrified little boy.

Wendy’s husband, Kevin, re­called: “I was coming home from work, and I called my wife and she didn’t answer. I figured she was in the shower or sleeping. So I called back a few minutes later and my son answered and said his mommy was on the floor in the kitchen and she ‘wasn’t moving.’”

Alarmed, Kevin phoned family members, who found her bruised and battered body.

“She was the best kind of per­son,” Kevin said. “Always smiling, always happy, always willing to try any new adventure.”

After the murder, cops say Gue­vara fled to Dallas and bought a one-way bus ticket to his home­town of Rioverde, San Luis Potosi, in Mexico. He is believed to still be in Mexico, but authorities say he may have returned to the U.S. using phony documents.

Guevara, a Hispanic male with brown hair and brown eyes, was born on Feb. 11, 1988. He stands 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8 and weighs between 160 and 180 pounds. He has a tattoo of the letter “J” on his shoulder.

“This is a very mean and danger­ous individual,” an FBI source told The ENQUIRER. “If you see him, don’t try to be a hero. Contact your local FBI office and we’ll take it from there.”

CALCASIEU PARISH (LA.) SHERIFF Tony Mancuso added: “We are very pleased the FBI has added Guevara to the 10 Most Wanted list.

“I am optimistic this will result in his capture and bring closure to the victim’s family, who have been very patient during this ordeal.”


The ENQUIRER’s ongoing series targets the worst of America’s criminals – the lawbreakers currently on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. Since the list was started in March 1950, it has featured 494 fugitives. Of those, 465 have been brought to justice, an astounding capture rate of 94 percent. Many were tracked down due to citizen cooperation.

 If you have seen the man described in this story, call directory assistance and ask to be connected to your local FBI office. Tipsters can also post information anonymously at the FBI’s website: