New kink in noose of convicted murderess JODIA ARIAS

Convicted killer Jodi Arias – found guilty of butchering exboyfriend Travis Alexander – has hired a private investigator to help prove her innocence, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Sources say Arias, 34, made the move after an Arizona judge ruled she can represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of her trial, where she could be sentenced to death.

She’s directed the PI to get statements from people she believes will corroborate her thus far bogus story that Alexander physically abused her and she was suffering from battered women’s syndrome when she slaughtered him.

Arias will pay the PI by selling her art online and using websites to raise cash, sources say.

Alexander’s family and friends say it’s just another way for Arias to victimize the man she stabbed 29 times, slit ear to ear and shot in the head.

Alexander’s best friend Chris Hughes, who testified at her trial, said: “Jodi is a narcissistic sociopath, who believes the world revolves around her. She relishes the world-wide attention she’s gotten in this case.”