A jury has found a Northern California teen guilty of stealing foodie kingpin GUY FIERI's Lamborghini sports car.

Max Wade, 19, was declared guilty on charges of commercial burglary and auto theft.

Evidence was presented at the trial that Wade had rappelled into British Motors in 2011 to heist the $200,000 convertible.

Guy’s wheels were in the BM dealership shop undergoing repairs.

Fieri, a colorful Food Network star, testified he had never met Wade and certainly didn’t give a man he never met permission to drive his posh auto.

Last year  two people tried to break into Marin County's juvenile hall with sledgehammers in an unsuccessful attempt to free Wade.

Law enforcement took extra precaution in the courtroom during the trial, keeping Wade tethered to a chair bolted to the floor.

Wade was also found guilty of attempted murder and firing a gun into an occupied vehicle in an unrelated drive-by shooting of a man dating a girl Wade desired.

The man wasn't injured in the shooting.

Marin County prosecutor Yvette Martinez told jurors Wade had stolen Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini to try and impress the girl and that he was willing to kill to get her undivided attention.

After pleading not guilty to all of the charges, he now faces up to 30 years in prison.