THE Boston Marathon bomb­ers who slaughtered three innocent people and wound­ed 260 more were ORDERED to do it – by their mother!

That’s the conclusion of a wide-reaching ENQUIRER investigation, which discovered Zubeidat Tsarnae­va was the deadly spider at the heart of a despicable web of jihad.

Driven by her hatred of America, she was radicalized by a mysterious Eastern European Muslim – now hunted by the FBI – and turned her sons into bloodthirsty tools of terror, sources say.

“Authorities theorize that Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was nagging her son Tamerlan, urging him to go on jihad against America,” a Justice Department source told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s been learned that Zubeidat would tell Tamerlan things like, ‘Allah will reward you.’ It’s clear that SHE was the one who radicalized him.

“According to telephone transcripts provided by Russian authorities, Zubeidat even wanted Tamerlan to go to ‘Pal­estine,’ most likely to continue his terror­ist training for ji­had. But he told her he didn’t speak the language.”

In a star­tling contrast, Zubeidat  initially embraced the American dream when she and her husband An­zor fled Chechnya for America 11 years ago, sources say. The mother of four at­tended the Catherine Hinds Institute of Aesthetics and landed a job at the Essencia Spa and Salon in Belmont, Mass.

“But she went crazy religious, and I had to let her go,” Larissa Dubosar­sky, the spa’s co-owner, told The ENQUIRER.

“She started wearing a head scarf, bringing in a prayer rug and pray­ing five times a day in the salon. She refused to deal with male clients and wouldn’t do waxing.”

Zubeidat, 46, also told clients that the 9/11 terrorist attack was a plot to make Americans hate Muslims, and she preached to them from the Koran, sources say.

Her radicalization shattered her 25-year marriage in early 2011, and her husband returned to Dagestan. Zu­beidat struggled to get by, doing facials in the living room of her small Cam­bridge, Mass., apartment.

“You could hear Zubei­dat yelling late at night, ‘I HATE America! They are all infi­dels here!’” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

STILL, she enjoyed the  comforts of American life until she got caught shop­lifting $1,600 worth of designer clothes from Lord & Taylor and dodged justice by fleeing back to Dagestan in 2012.

Since the Boston bombings, she’s insisted in TV interviews that her sons – Tamerlan, 26, who was killed in a police shootout, and Dzhokhar, 19, now in a federal prison hospital – weren’t involved in the attack. But a longtime family friend confirmed evil Zubeidat radicalized Tamerlan after she was influenced by the mys­terious Eastern European.

“I knew him,” Baudy Masaev, 18, told The ENQUIRER. “He was the converted son of Catholic parents. He had a huge influence on Zubeidat and converted her to radical Islam.

“After she was converted, she got Tamerlan to follow her. In those families, you do what your elders tell you to do.”