ED HARDY, FHM and former PENTHOUSE PET SIMONE FARROW arrested for worldwide drug ring, posts bizarre updates before arrest.

The Australian model who was busted for a drug ring posted a eries of bizarre updates on her Facebook page before her downfall has details of her strange online meltdown.

Blonde bikini model Simone Farrow dubbed herself a “Drug Free Fairy,” in a status update on March 7, followed by a cryptic message that read: “All on side wit da boys that ride…  Angel Rain.♥ Time to take her home.♥” reported Farrow did numerous ads for the Ed Hardy line, was voted one of FHM's "sexiest women in the world" and was a Penthouse Pet, was found hiding out in a cheap motel on Australia's Queensland’s Gold Coast before being extradited to Sydney on Saturday.

The 37-year-old is accused of drug trafficking narcotics — meth in bath salts bags —  from a posh  elegant apartment just off famed Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and police claim she has at least 19 aliases.

In a Facebook rant posted before her arrest, Farrow, using the online name Simone Starr, revealed how she was in fear of her life.

“I have been silent for nearly three years whilst I sit here being maliciously treated and wrongly defamed. I am tired of being fearful and people threatening my life for reasons unknown to me and being unfairly treated with no basis ruining my life and my emotional state before a fair trial has even been given to me,” she wrote.

 “Singling me out because I have skeletons in my closet 🙁 etc… Which doesn't include drug charges. There is something wrong with our system and I now fight for the people and my innocence and freedom.

“Why should I be treated any different to any other person who is charged. Guilty or Not.”