Satan worshiping serial killer THE NIGHT STALKER aka RICHARD RAMIREZ  whose rape-murder spree terrorized Los Angeles has been found dead in San Quentin prison.

After killing at least 13 victims with 5 more attempts, Ramirez was convicted and sentenced to death in 1989.

His completion of the death sentence had been stymied over the years by appeals.

Ramirez had killed people as young as nine and as old as 83. 

Racking up a heinous body count, he finally made a mistake.

On August 24, 1985, he tortured a couple –shooting the man in the head and then raping the victim's fiancée making her swear her love for Satan during the vicious attack. 

LAPD finally secured an ID from a fingerprint and released Ramirez’s mug shot to the public.

He was apprehended when an angry mob of Angelnos nabbed him trying to steal a car and beat him mercilessly until police arrived. 

A San Quentin spokesperson said Ramirez died from natural causes although reports are claiming he died from contracting Hepatitis C which can be transmitted through drug use and blood transfusions.

Good riddance.