Published on: March 7, 2013
Photography by: video frame grab pool

While JODIA ARIAS is bombarded on the witness stand in her life or death trial, her pal is confident she’ll walk and is hoping for a mistrial.

 “She is feeling pretty confident that there is going to be a mistrial, and that it is going to look bad for the prosecution,”Bryan Carr, who has been visiting the murder defendant in jail for the past year told RadarOnline.

 “Even, if there’s no mistrial, in the state of Arizona, the average sentence for manslaughter for a female is six years, and she has already served over four years in jail so she thinks she could even get ‘time served’ and then five years parole,” explains her 29-year-old pal.

“That is one big thing that she is praying for.”

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Arias is planning to hook up with a lesbian gal pal and sources say she'll use Carr as a sperm donor in order to have a child.