Convicted Bluebeard ex-cop DREW PETERSON’s solitary living hell hole REVEALED.

Peterson, serving a 38-year sentence for his 2012 conviction in the 2004 death of his 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio, says in a jailhouse letter that “prison is all the nightmarish things that one would think,” according to a letter he sent to his one-time attorney, Joel Brodsky, RadarOnline reported.

“I’m in a cell the size of a broom closet, peeling paint, rusting fixtures, I have no TV or anything and I haven’t been out since I got here,” wrote the ex-Bolingbrook, Ill. Police sergeant, who’s serving his sentence at the Menard Correctional Center.

“The food is terrible and I’m again in solitary confinement.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Peterson’s 4th wife, Stacy Peterson, remains missing, despite law enforcement’s attempts to pin a 2nd murder rap on Peterson.

In a letter Peterson wrote Apr. 11 to Brodsky, Drew was seemingly wracked by foreboding.

“Joel, Did you ever feel that something was going to happen before it does? I feel I’m going to die in here. If the inmates don’t get me I’m gonna be killed by the cruel guards.”

FOX 32 reported that Savio’s sister Sue Doman said that she wishes Peterson would just die.