'A Nice Guy!'

Facebook Killer Dead — Cowardly Psycho Shoots Himself

Steve Stephens takes a bullet with cops in pursuit!

Facebook Killer Dead — Cowardly Psycho Shoots Himself thumbnail

Steve Stephens, who slaughtered an innocent man and posted the video to the internet, has committed suicide as cops had him cornered in Pennsylvania.

The Ohio man had boasted of his plans to start the Cleveland Easter Massacre on Sunday, April 16 — later murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. despite claims on video of having killed 15 people.

The horrific final moments of Mr. Godwin were caught on video — as he pleaded for his life after Stephens told him to say the name of the psycho’s girlfriend, boasting: “She’s the reason why all this is about to happen to you!”

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Stephens killed himself in Erie County, which is about 100 miles from Cleveland. Members of the state police had recognized him driving his white Ford Fusion, with authorities reporting that Stephens had shot and killed himself “after a brief pursuit.”

Joy Lane, the woman who Stephens blamed for his rampage, later insisted that the killer was a “nice guy” — but added that she was sorry for the deaths caused by her former lover. They had both worked together as mental-health counselors in Ohio.