Ex-cop DREW PETERSON found guilty of murdering 3rd wife Kathleen Savio.

 His 4th wife Stacy Peterson remains missing after disappearing in 2007

Peterson, 58,  was found guilty after a jury weighed evidence centered on secondhand hearsay statements from both women.

Peterson remained motionless as the judge announced guilty verdict of first-degree murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Savio’s death was initially ruled an accident but new evidence led prosecutors to exhume her remains and slowly build their case against the former cop.

The Peterson  trial was the first of its kind in Illinois, with prosecutors building their case primarily in on hearsay thanks to a new law, dubbed "Drew's Law," tailored to nailing Peterson.

That hearsay, prosecutors charged, would let his third and fourth wives "speak from their graves" through family and friends to convict Peterson.

Peterson faces a maximum 60-year prison term when sentenced in November.

Illinois has no death penalty.