He had a dirty secret. And he wanted to share it. And spread it.

Cops from Oklahoma to Colorado say Martin Edward Kraham met hundreds of men, women, bisexuals and transsexuals on Craigslist and knowingly infected some of them with HIV and Hepatitis C!

“‘Party’ Marty Kraham is a trust fund psychopath preying on innocent people,” said one victim.

Authorities believe Kraham, 36, contracted the HIV virus from a prostitute, and then embarked on a mission – posting nearly 700 ads on Craigslist and trolling other sites for sex partners over 6 ½-years.

According to two civil lawsuits obtained by The NQUIRER, Kraham lured them into having unprotected sex.

“He used multiple email addresses to mask his identity,” said one source. And Kraham had good reason to hide his identity. During his alleged sick sex spree, he was married!

According to court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, Kraham’s ex claims she was unaware until their 2008 divorce that Kraham “knew or should have known that he contracted HIV and Hepatitis prior to their marriage.”

A judge dismissed her lawsuit against Kraham last week after he argued she’d known about the HIV eight months into their marriage. The creep is jailed in Oklahoma with a $250,000 bond after being charged with knowingly trying to spread HIV after three victims contacted cops.