GARY GIORDANO, the prime suspect in the Aruba disappearance of ROBYN GARDNER, has been arrested for “sexual activity” in broad daylight!

Gary Giordano 51, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, was charged with indecent exposure on May 18 at 5:45 p.m. in Annapolis after police officers caught him red-handed and nude allegedly having “sexual activity” in a public parking garage in broad daylight reported.

According to court documents, the divorced father of three is due to appear before the court on August 10, just one week after the first anniversary of Robyn’s disappearance.

Several complaints were made to the Annapolis Police Department about illicit activity in a black Cadillac Escalade SUV in the parking garage on Gorman Street.

When officers arrived on the scene they found Giordano and Carol Ann Bock, of Springfield, Tennessee, lying on a mattress in the rear cargo area partially covered with a blanket.

According to the police report, a second blanket had been draped over the window “in what appeared to be an attempt to conceal their activity,” Ms. Bock’s breasts were exposed, and when Mr. Giordano was adjusting the towel Cpl. Craig Medley observed his genitals through the window.

“Cpl. Medley told Mr. Giordano to put his clothing on and exit the vehicle. As Mr. Giordano was putting his tan shorts on, Cpl. Medley could see that Mr. Giordano was completely nude.”

Both Giordano and Bock, 45, were arrested at the scene and charged with one count each of indecent exposure.

If found guilty of the charges,  Giordano faces up to three years in prison and/or $1,000 fine.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously, Giordano was released from an Aruban prison in November,   2011 after law enforcement authorities but failed to find enough evidence to charge him with Robyn Gardner’s murder.