“Fairy Tale” Model Slays Son, Then Self

“Fairy Tale” Model Slays Son, Then Self thumbnail

So-called “Fairy tale’ model living in a “golden cage" smothers 6 year old son and then kills herself with a butcher knife.

A wealthy model who lived a "fairytale" life trapped in a "golden cage" smothered her 6-year-old son with a pillow. She then committed suicide by stabbing herself twice in the heart with a kitchen knife.

Eliza Kolodziej, 31, suffocated her son, Alexander, and then killer herself in grisly fashion in a bedroom of her swanky mansion in wealthy Warsaw suburb Majdan on, Polish newspaper Super Express reported.

Polish new reports said the leggy stunner was suffering from depression and receiving psychiatric care  which was news to neighbors who said Kolodziej and her businessman hubby, Sebastian, appeared to be living an idyllic existence with their adorable tow-headed youngster.

"She was from a well-off family and her man was from a rich family,” a neighbor said.

“Eliza almost never left her home or mingled with the neighbors.

"I guess she was living in a golden cage and just couldn't take it anymore."

The Polish stunner’s hubby was at work when the shocking incident occurred.

Local police were investigating the motive for the gruesome murder-suicide.