450 Pound Man Hid Drugs In Stomach Fat

450 Pound Man Hid Drugs In Stomach Fat thumbnail

World’s FATTEST drug mule, say cops.

Deputies say a 450-pound Florida man was collared after they found marijuana hidden in his stomach fat during a routine traffic stop, The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

Christopher Mitchell, 42, kanown as "Fat Boy" was arrested  and charged with cannabis possession after he was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt,

According to the arresting officer’s report obtained by First Coast News, when a deputy pulled over Mitchell and the driver of the car, Mitchell said he was "simply too large" to wear the safety belt.

Cops reported that Mitchell and the driver seemed excessively twitchy during the routine stop, so the deputy brought in a drug-detecting K-9.

The K-9 took a sniff around Mitchell’s lard, legal docs say, and began alerting deputies to the presence of drugs.

23 grams of marijuana was found stashed amid the rolls of Mitchell's stomach fat. Deputies say cocaine was also found by the dope sniffing hound.

They also found a  .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun and $7,000 in hard cash stuffed in a tube sock.

The driver Keithian Roberts, 38, was charged with possession of cocaine.