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MEMO TO JUSTIN BIEBER’S NEIGHBORS: Keep applying pressure, folks – it’s WORKING! Read More
After dropping the bombshell – exclusively scooped here last week – that she’s sick of The Palace pushing her around and will move to America after big sis/PRINCESS KATE gives birth, PIPPA MIDDLETON suffered another Royal boot in the butt ... Read More
Three years ago, long before ALEC BALDWIN threatened to beat the bejesus out of the so-called “queen” reporter who wrote in Britain’s “Daily Mail” that wife HILARIA tweeted during JAMES GANDOLFINI’s funeral, The Bloviator triggered a headline-making feud by ripping into me – in “The Times” of London, no less – ranting that I’m a “queen” and a “WHORE!” Read More
MATT DAMON knows darn well his old pal GEORGE CLOONEY’s a serial practical joker, but George still got him darn good ... Read More
MY LIPS TO YOUR EARS DEPT.: Next time you’re watching KATHIE LEE GIFFORD on the “Today” show, keep a sharp eye out for the un-bra-lievable beauty secret ... Read More
When LINDSAY LOHAN wrote a sizzling love letter to ex-flame SAMANTHA RONSON during her Betty Ford Center lockdown, as reported by The ENQUIRER, the Sapphic DJ’s chilly response was: Return To Sender! Read More
PIP, PIP, HOORAY! Fed up PIPPA MIDDLETON just lobbed this shocker at Big Sis/PRINCESS KATE and her gob-smacked Mummy & Daddy: Read More
WHAT KRIS JENNER WANTS, KRIS JENNER GETS DEPT.: The Kardashian marketing machine conned America into believing the fairy tale... Read More
Filming “Anchorman 2” on location in Manhattan, comedy stars WILL FERRELL, PAUL RUDD, DAVID KOECHNER and STEVE CARELL decided to have a little fun -- never dreaming the joke would be on them! Read More
I TOLD YA SO! Britain’s “Daily Star” and gossip blogs worldwide ripped off my scoop about RIHANNA, who – when she gets ripped during Brazilian Wax treatments – doesn't scream, she giggles! Read More