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I love girls, but they’re CRAAAZY! Consider TAYLOR SWIFT, backstage at a concert pulling on a pair of boots when she spies a big brown spider crawling up her laces! Read More
Perched high up in a Hollywood Bowl VIP box watching rockers Vampire Weekend in concert, Oscar winner ANNE HATHAWAY ... Read More
JOHN TRAVOLTA just learned the hard way that adorable daughter ELLA BLEU, aka Daddy’s Little Princess, will turn a tad teen-moody now that she’s hit 13. Read More
IF YOU’RE OLD, YOU’D BETTER BE SMART! That’s why 70-year-old ROBERT DE NIRO went to SYLVESTER STALLONE, 67, his co-star in a flick about two aged ex-pro boxer rivals ... Read More
Watching TOM HANKS play the skipper of a huge cargo ship fighting off ragtag Somali pirates in his new flick “Captain Phillips” gets so scarily realistic you might feel seasick... Read More
I’m a huge fan of ex-“SNL” star JASON SUDEIKIS, but three cheers for his gorgeous gal OLIVIA WILDE – who lashed out and tongue-spanked... Read More