Shooting monster sci-fi smash “Guardians of the Galaxy,” mega-star CHRIS PRATT literally saw shooting stars when he and his co-cutie, zesty ZOE SALDANA, faced off for a fight scene – and she accidentally zapped him HARD where no man should ever, ever be kicked!

Said an onset source: “The fight scene was very carefully choreographed, but mistakes can happen in the heat of battle. Zoe suddenly zigged when she should have zagged and …

YeeeeeOW! … tagged Chris right in the crotch!

"The star sank to his knees in pain as the cameras stopped rolling, and all you could hear over his agonized moans was Zoe howling, ‘I’m sooo sorry!

"Are you okay … are you okay?’”

Zoe sobbed nonstop, pleading for forgiveness, but it took Chris – who could barely get a high-pitched squeal out, much less actual words – a good 20 minutes before he got his mojo working again!