YAY! Dirty Harry’s A Hardass Again – Explodes When Hardhat Blocks His Car!

YOU FEELIN’ LUCKY, PUNK? WELL…ARE YOU?? Hot on the heels of our heartrending scoops about “softy” CLINT EASTWOOD crying real tears after hearing emotional war stories from actor/ veterans he’s cast in his new flick “American Sniper” – plus the empathetic star’s rescue of an abandoned teeny kitty-cat – comes this late-breaking report: Dirty Harry’s STILL a hardass!

Said a source: “Clint was livid when he pulled out of the driveway of his Bel-Air home and onto his street – where two new homes are under construction, with trucks constantly blocking traffic – and was stopped by a workman who told him he’d have to wait until a cement truck could be moved out of the way. Exasperated, Clint flat-out freaked! Leaping out of his car, he screamed at the guy, ‘I can’t take this anymore! It’s been over nine months of construction…what the hell are you building here, the Taj Mahal?’”

Raging that he was late for a meeting, Clint demanded they clear a path immediately – and (surprise, surprise!) they did exactly that… pronto! (Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!)