“X-Men” star MARSDEN stages smashing scene!

“X-Men” star MARSDEN stages smashing scene! thumbnail

 BULL IN A CHINA SHOP DEPT: Hunky “X-Men” co-star JAMES MARSDEN rushed into eatery Olive & Thyme in LA’s swanky suburb of Toluca Lake, picked up his takeout lunch order, turned around to exit and… CRASH!…ran smack into a huge display of chocolates, cookies, and other holiday treats.

Giggled My SpyWitness: “I heard this big crash, turned around – and there was James Marsden, down on all fours, feverishly trying to gather up all these items he’d scattered across the floor.

"He was extremely embarrassed – literally red-faced – and kept apologizing nonstop for his clumsiness. But rather than skipping out and leaving the staff to clean up his mess – like a lot of stars would – James spent several minutes making sure each and every item was put back on the shelves.

"Then he yanked his baseball cap down over his eyes and exited – still red-faced and still stammering apologies!”