Wanna Snap a Selfie, Punk?

Wanna Snap a Selfie, Punk? thumbnail


He’s the sharpest 84-year-old around, but CLINT EASTWOOD’s never pretended to be up on trendy stuff – so I’m still chuckling about this mind-blower, eyewitnessed by a trusted source who spotted the star strolling down a Manhattan street as a guy ran up and begged: “Can I please take a photo of the two of us, Mr. Eastwood?”

Squinting like Dirty Harry, Clint peered around and rasped: “Well, where’s your shooter?”

Said the fan: “Oh, I don’t need a shooter, sir. I can take the picture of both of us. Like, a selfie, you know?”

Looking baffled by the term, Clint told the guy point blank: “No – I’m not doing that!”

And off he stalked, all by his selfie…!