TOM CRUISE CHALLENGE: LEAH REMINI’s angry exit from Scientology created a new bad-news firestorm for the religious cult – famously labeled a “Mafia-like” organization in “Time” magazine, and Twitter-slammed by press lord RUPERT MURDOCH as a “very weird cult…creepy, maybe even evil…with TOM CRUISE either number two or three in hierarchy.”

And speaking of CruiseControl, Remini’s problems with the church reportedly began after she innocently asked – at Tom’s wedding to KATIE HOLMES – why Scientology mastermind DAVID MISCAVIGE’s wife SHELLY hadn’t shown up at the happy event.

That triggered an angry reaction from church officials who were – and still are – sensitive to ongoing questions and rumors regarding the whereabouts of Mrs. Miscavige.

After that, the church harassed Remini endlessly – and she quit. So here’s my question for smiley-face Cruise: If you’re really the straight shooter/ larger-than-life hero you’re cracked up to be, why don’t YOU demand proof about Mrs. Miscavige’s whereabouts?

Just over a year ago, I wrote that I’d never again refer to you by the affectionate nickname I’d coined years ago – “My Favorite Alien” – because I’d lost all affection after you showed you were willing to place your precious child SURI in the hands of your fanatical “church” until Katie fought back.

So here’s the deal, Tom: Although Shelly’s attorney has stated “she is not missing…any reports that she is missing are false,” please produce proof for fans that Mrs. Miscavige still remains on this planet, working happily in the church…and I’ll call you “My Favorite Alien” again for all eternity!