THE KARDASHIAN KONNEKTION! As the Jackson Family Feud erupted into scandalous headlines, the world was suddenly introduced to a lesser-known member of that koo-koo klan: TJ JACKSON, son of MICHAEL JACKSON’s brother TITO, now famous because the court named him co-guardian of MJ’s kids – PRINCE MICHAEL, PARIS and BLANKET – with grandma KATHERINE JACKSON.

Here’s Kicker No. 1: Turns out TJ’s actually that “mystery” boyfriend KIM KARDASHIAN told OPRAH about when she admitted taking birth control pills at the tender age of 14 – so he could take her virginity!


Now here’s Kicker No. 2: Kim phoned old friend/teen-throb TJ, now a married father of three, to tell him she’d help out any way she could with his “new kids” – but that touched off the hair-trigger temper of Special K’s thug/lover KANYE WEST, who fears his big-bootied cutie might rekindle the flames of hot teen love!

Revealed a close friend: “Kanye’s boiling! He told Kim to stay a million miles away from that crazy family, and not to get caught up in their drama – because he won’t stand for it! But his reaction’s made Kim apprehensive. Friends think that more and more, she sees that Kanye wants her at his constant beck and call – because he wants to shrink her life outside of their relationship!”

Stay tuned.