TAYLOR SWIFT’s cute CONOR con: ‘Breakup’ tale’s a TOTAL FAKE!

TAYLOR SWIFT’s cute CONOR con: ‘Breakup’ tale’s a TOTAL FAKE! thumbnail

HERE’S MY SHINY NEW SCOOP-DEE-DOO: Sly cutie-pie TAYLOR SWIFT’s slickly “swiftboating” the Kennedy Clan, leaking word through friends and business contacts that she’s dumped hunky young CONOR KENNEDY – but it’s all just a cleverly-concocted ploy to get his dad ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. and family off their backs while they plot a top secret romantic rendezvous after the heat dies down!

Reports a source thisclose to the star-crossed lovers: “Taylor and Conor are pretending to everyone that they’ve split up, and so far they’ve done a really good job of convincing friends – and even the press – that it’s true.

"The lovers hatched the scheme because the Kennedys were putting huge pressure on Conor, saying he needs to concentrate on getting through high school and into a top college.

"The family feared Taylor’s jet-set lifestyle would divert his focus from education – and were literally worried sick the couple might even elope.”

Necessity being the mother of invention, Taylor and Conor birthed The Plan: While the world’s hottest singer’s on tour promoting smash album “Red,” they’ll keep leaking fake breakup reports through pals, peeps and PR people.

“Taylor and Conor are still totally in communication,” says my source. “They just want everyone to forget about them. Meanwhile, they’re planning a secret romantic rendezvous as soon as Conor’s on school break.” (Good luck, kids…and sorry for squealing!)