Surprise for Hollywood waitress: You just auditioned for EASTWOOD!


Power-lunching at an LA eatery with a business associate, CLINT EASTWOOD flinched (just a little) when the waitress accidently spilled iced tea on him.

Apologizing like crazy as she sopped up the mess, the server babbled: “I’m so sorry…I just moved here from Missouri to become an actress…I’ve never been a waitress before!”

Said an insider: “Clint smiled and told her it was no big deal – but just 20 minutes later, she turned bright red with embarrassment when she brought him the wrong entree.”

After the meal, she delivered the check – and was stunned when she discovered he’d left a $100 tip and a note that read: “If this was your audition as a waitress, you failed. But as a good person, you passed! Good luck with everything.”

Said the insider: “I think she was more excited by the note than the big tip.”