Shotgun Wedding Dept.: Prince Harry/Cressida Pregnancy Scare!

Shotgun Wedding Dept.: Prince Harry/Cressida Pregnancy Scare! thumbnail

Just before PRINCE WILLIAM, DUCHESS KATE and bonnie infant PRINCE GEORGIE took off on their official Down Under tour, PRINCE HARRY’s panicked paramour CRESSIDA BONAS broke shocking news: They might be facing…a shotgun wedding!

Reports My Royal Spy: “Harry went into total shock, visualizing horrific headlines and the QUEEN’s wrath. Not quite knowing what to do, he and Cressida divulged their secret to William and Kate – that she’d missed one period cycle, which was very unusual for her. When Kate urged her to do a home pregnancy test, she said she was afraid to face the results – but Kate emphasized the urgency, telling Cressida that if she were indeed pregnant, wedding plans would have to start immediately!”

Kate sent out for a pregnancy kit, and Cressida made her way to the bathroom while William, Harry, and Kate waited anxiously. “When she’d finished, she held out the test stick as everyone waited for the + or – symbol to appear,” said the source. “Moments later, Harry let out a loud sigh of relief, saying, ‘This could have been a huge mess!’”

Days later, grateful Cressida phoned Kate to report that her body was back on schedule. WHEW