SHOCKER! K-Stew hits Polo Lounge with ANOTHER handsome director!

SHOCKER! K-Stew hits Polo Lounge with ANOTHER handsome director! thumbnail

Pistol-hot BEN AFFLECK, surfing the breaking curl of Hollywood’s monster wave after directing mega-hit “Argo,” got gasps when he waltzed into the BevHills Hotel’s A-list Polo Lounge with that red-hot hottie who triggered scandalous, hanky-panky headlines with another (also married) director – notorious “Twilight” vamp KRISTEN “K-Stew” STEWART…and eye-rolling diners instantly craned their necks looking for Mrs. Affleck, aka JENNIFER GARNER, but she was NOWHERE in sight!

(OMG, people are such gossips!)

Reports My PoloPeeper: “Ben and Kristen looked really involved in conversation and appeared to have some kind of electric chemistry from the moment they sat down. The dinner lasted several hours and Ben looked totally enchanted. They were deep in conversation.”

Folks, I know you’re all fired up – as were those gossip-mad Polo Lounge habitués – but, to be fair, Ben’s looking to cast a leading lady for his next film, “Focus,” and the dinner was no doubt just a fun-fun-fun business meeting – like that 3-hour dinner our Oscar winner enjoyed recently with adorable EMMA STONE, 24, at his favorite Brentwood haunt, Tavern.

All I can really tell you, based on reports from insiders, is that Ben truly wants to cast 22-year-old K-Stew. And based on their obvious rapport, says My PoloPeeper: “I’m betting she wins the role!” (Okay, I know what you’re thinking: K-Stew cheated on R-Pattz, aka her “Twilight” co-star/lover ROB PATTINSON, with director RUPERT SANDERS, who – like Ben – is also married to a famous woman, model LIBERTY ROSS. But WAIT, they have two kids, Ben has three! So it’s no slam-dunk, okay? Just chill…until I tell you otherwise!)

NOTE TO MRS. AFFLECK: Hope you’re not reading it here first!