Selena Fires Her Parents As Managers? Just Blame It On The Biebs!

BLAME IT ON BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEBER’s the driving force behind SELENA GOMEZ suddenly firing parents MANDY and BRIAN TEEFEY as her managers when their relentless “Blame Bieber” blitzkrieg backfired big-time!

Said an insider: “Mandy and Brian kept trying to persuade Selena that Justin’s a bad influence. Every time they heard that Selena had flown off to be with Justin, or that they were back together romantically, they’d immediately phone Selena to rant that her association with him was ruining her life and career. The calls always ended with Selena in tears – and mother and daughter not speaking for days at a time. Justin kept trying to convince Selena to dump her parents as managers – and it finally happened when Mandy told Selena she was concerned about her being dragged into Justin’s upcoming legal woes. Selena fired back, saying she was firing them both. Mandy and Brian didn’t take Selena seriously…until they read press reports confirming their termination. Now Justin’s telling pals he couldn’t be happier!”