Stand up and join me in a rousing "Hip, Hip HOORAY!" for movie mogul Steven Spielberg -- who DIDN'T scream, curse or foam at the mouth when a "by-the-book" security guard in terrorist-alert mode barred him from his OWN studio! In an incident that reveals how even Hollywood's world has changed, Spielberg drove up to his DreamWorks studio and was stopped at the gate by a guard, who asked to see his company photo ID. "I don't have one," explained Mogul Man. "I'm Steven Spielberg and I own this company!" The guard -- who had strict orders to enforce beefed-up security rules since the terrorist attacks -- replied that he recognized his boss, of course -- but orders were orders! Spielberg got visibly upset, explaining he'd never been issued an ID. The guard repeated his orders -- NO exceptions, even for big stars! The standoff ended when Spielberg whipped out his driver's license. The guard thanked him and opened the gate -- and Spielberg, to his eternal credit, complimented the guy for doing the right thing. Then he drove to his office -- and immediately ordered a DreamWorks ID card!