Scary J.LO erupts in FURY – ejects creepy PANTY BURGLAR!

Scary J.LO erupts in FURY – ejects creepy PANTY BURGLAR! thumbnail

Workers at Latina firecracker JENNIFER LOPEZ’s swanky San Fernando Valley mansion – domestic help, drivers, outside contractors, etc. – must obey dire, ironclad orders: Do not DARE to make eye contact with La Lopez – and NEVER speak to her, or you’ll be fired instantly!

The star’s terrorized workers rarely break the rules, but one contract window washer just screwed up big-time, driven by a lustful urge to snag an irresistibly sexy souvenir – J.Lo’s panties!

“The guy came to wash windows, and was very respectful at first,” said my source.

“He followed the rules, never so much as glancing at Jennifer – until he was suddenly faced with temptation too strong to resist!”

Alone in J.Lo’s bedroom to polish her panes, the guy suddenly spotted a pair of the star’s panties tossed casually on a settee…and it knocked him for a loop!

Said the source: “Like a man in a trance, he touched the silky undies, looked around furtively – then started stuffing them in his pocket!”

But just then, the door banged open and in walked J.Lo’s sharp-eyed maid – catching Mr. Creepy red-handed!

Ordering him to empty his pockets, the maid snatched Mistress’s scanties and ran screaming from the room!

Said the source: “When Jennifer heard what had happened, she was furious. She immediately had the guy thrown out – and banned from the premises forever!”