Sailor HANKS goes Yo-HEAVE-Ho – but seasick actors just HEAVE!

Sailor HANKS goes Yo-HEAVE-Ho – but seasick actors just HEAVE! thumbnail

Watching TOM HANKS play the skipper of a huge cargo ship fighting off ragtag Somali pirates in his new flick “Captain Phillips” gets so scarily realistic you might feel seasick – and that’s literally what happened during filming on choppy high seas when three actors playing pirates suddenly got queasy and…BARRRFFF!…threw up all over our heroic Oscar winner!

Said My SpyWitness: “In a crucial scene, Hanks is ordered to board the pirate’s small, enclosed vessel, which was bobbing and rocking violently in the rough seas. While the cameraman was setting up, the three actors began feeling queasy.

"Suddenly, they began vomiting, one after another…all over Tom! Because the space was so confined, he had nowhere to escape. He just sat there in shock, horrified at being covered in vomit. Tom and the actors were escorted back to the big ship, and Tom – ever the professional and nice guy – never complained.

"Immediately retreating to his dressing room, he jumped into a shower and reshot the scene later that afternoon!” 

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