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Hot new poop on RYAN "Stinky" SEACREST!

Primping for a live E! TV report as a hairdresser gelled his ‘do with new "organic" pomade, the "American Idol" host suddenly wrinkled his nose like he’d smelled something bad…then actually said: "Something smells BAD! Like a dirty diaper. Was there a baby in here?"

As staffers stared, My Favorite Metrosexual sniffed suspiciously…then froze in horror as he ID’d the stink’s source – his gooey, pooey hair!

Howled Ryan: "OH NO! It’s ME!…I smell like POOP!"

With the TV clock ticking and no time to shampoo, rancid Ryan took a deep breath (…barf!), sucked it up and went on-air.

After a perfect taping, Stinky snapped at Hair Dude: "Toss that nasty gel!"