Randy Prince Harry Offers Gals “Naughty” Snack!

Randy Prince Harry Offers Gals “Naughty” Snack! thumbnail

Told you back in December NOT to believe reports that PRINCE HARRY might Christmas-surprise longtime galpal CRESSIDA BONAS with an engagement ring – because His Royal Ginger’s still on the flirt!

My LondonSpy caught Harry at London pub The Brown Cow making goo-goo eyes at two gorgeous blondes sitting near his table, and he tried to break the ice when food and drink arrived for him and his three burly bodyguards by holding up the famously fabulous/phallic British snack he’d ordered, asking slyly: “Are you girls interested in sharing my…sausage roll?”

The lassies emitted awkward giggles, because just as Harry started chatting them up, their boyfriends inconveniently arrived!…


Red-faced, our randy redhead quickly wolfed down his sausage roll, guzzled his beer and told the bodyguards: “Let’s go!”