Photography by: Jenny Oetzell / Splash News

KEEP UP WITH THAT, B****! Looking like even she couldn’t Keep Up with the Kardashians, mom-ager KRIS JENNER suddenly dashed into Tarzana’s popular Bea’s Bakery at noontime, visibly annoyed to find it packed with customers clutching numbers from a ticket dispenser.

“Kris, looking harried, snatched off No. 14,” said My SpyWitness. “But as she stood waiting, her impatience grew. When the clerk called for No. 13, Kris just couldn’t wait another minute. Pushing past a woman in medical scrubs ahead of her, she pleaded with the clerk: ‘I’m sorry. I’m No. 14, but can you just get me a few rolls? I’m in a hurry!’”

Confronting her, the woman she’d pushed past snapped: “I’m No. 13 and I do mind! I’m a doctor – an oncology resident at the hospital, and I have to get back to my cancer patients. Where are you going? To get your nails done?” Red-faced Kris raced out without rolls as customers applauded the doc, who told them: “I know who that lady is and I’m not a fan!”