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Princess Di In The Sky At Memorial

Grandson steals the show!

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Mike Walker reports … Touching moment at Princess Diana’s 56th birthday memorial — celebrated at Althorp Estate by sons William and Harry, Kate Middleton, her kiddies and family — because when guests exited they were stunned to spot a heart-shaped batch of Di’s fave flowers, blue forget-me-nots — that some swore had appeared as if by magic!

Said a Royal Spy: “People whispered they might be a special love sign direct from Diana!”

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Un-spooky types pooh-poohed they’d probably been carted in during the service — but the magic was truly captured when Diana’s grandson, 4-year-old Prince Georgie, skipped over and snagged a bunch of the symbolic forget-me-nots and pressed them lovingly into Mommy Kate’s hands!” Aaaaaww!

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