Sticking successfully to her super-strict vegan/no sugar diet, ELLEN DEGENERES steadily shed pounds until panicked wife PORTIA DE ROSSI suddenly screamed: “STOP!”

Said a pal of the pair: “Portia was totally on board when Ellen eliminated all refined sugars from her diet and went back to becoming a vegan. But now she feels Ellen’s looking gaunt and unhealthy – and has simply gone too far!”

Portia, also a strict vegan, once battled an eating disorder, and she’s very frustrated that Ellen won’t listen to her.

“Ellen’s dropped about 10 pounds,” said the source, “and Portia keeps telling her that being too thin is making her look older than she really is. Ellen snaps right back at her, saying she likes looking thin – and to butt out!”

WOW! Gay marrieds bicker just like we do!

Now, I don’t want to get between two lesbians (dream on, Mike), but recent photos show Ellen looking slim, elegant and very healthy.

Lighten up, Portia!