SCOOP! . . .

Julia Roberts survived a major FASHION EMERGENCY!! I got the shocking exclusive — but had to SWEAR not to reveal the top fashion designer involved ( . . . oh, guess who!). So, dig: Red-hot Pretty Woman was literally minutes away from slipping on a smashing one-of-a-kind gown she’d ordered to wow the crowd at New York’s American Museum of the Moving Image — where SHE was being honored! Suddenly, the phone rang: HORRIBLE NEWS! “Anonymous Designer” had screwed up, mistakenly sold another lady a copy of Julia’s dress and . . . OH, NO! . . . she was wearing it to Julia’s museum gala!! Naturally, Ms. Movie Star Numero Uno — “The Mexican” Senorita — wouldn’t be caught DEAD in the same dress as this other bi . . . er, lady! So trouper Julia rose to the emergency! Her assistant phoned to warn she’d be delayed. Julia threw together another outfit and — even though she arrived 30 minutes late — looked every inch the DAZZLING diva we all know and love!! (Go ahead . . . stand up and CHEER!)