Pregnant Alyssa UNLOADS!

Pregnant Alyssa UNLOADS! thumbnail

HUGELY pregnant ALYSSA MILANO wrapped taping of her TV series “Mistresses” at a Venice Beach eatery, where producers trotted out a HUGE cake as she got suddenly emotional and made a touching, tearful speech to cast and crew, apologizing for being a holy terror – getting temperamental, acting rude and even yelling angrily at production staff.

(Like, DUH!…What star doesn’t?)

It was a sentimental moment and a sweet gesture on the star’s part; and “then it was time for Alyssa to cut the first piece of the cake they’d all be sharing,” said an eyewitness.

“But without warning, emotional Mommy-to-be abruptly upchucked – which kinda wrecked the whole moment!”

Oh, ya THINK?! (Say, was the cake okay?)