PO’d Pitt’s Wet Pants!

PO’d Pitt’s Wet Pants! thumbnail

 After exhaustive investigation, I can report that no matter what you’ve heard elsewhere, BRAD PITT did NOT wet his pants – but his waiter DID!

(Just to be clear, I don’t mean that the waiter peed his own pants, he wet Brad’s, but… Okay, let my source explain it right from the top!)

“Brad walked into a swanky WeHo eatery for dinner with male buddies – but shortly after being seated in a booth, a waiter spilled a cocktail on Brad’s…er, lap – soaking his lightcolored trousers!

"Staffers immediately rushed to pat Pitt with napkins as his pals cracked up; it looked like he’d peed his pants!

"But the napkins didn’t get him totally dry, and by the end of the meal, Brad still looked like he’d had an accident.”

Worried about lurking paparazzi snapping a “Brad wizzed” shot, staffers sneaked the stillstained star out a side entrance, so foe-togs never spotted his embarrassing pants-tastrophe. PHEEW!