PIPPA sings “America the Beautiful” to shocked sis KATE!


PIP, PIP, HOORAY! Fed up PIPPA MIDDLETON just lobbed this shocker at Big Sis/PRINCESS KATE and her gob-smacked Mummy & Daddy: Right after The Royal Birth she’ll pack her bags to escape England – and its control-freak QUEEN – to begin a new life in America!

Said My Royals Insider: “Pippa’s fed up with the Palace, which continually points out that she’s not a royal, yet keeps controlling major moments in her life. Last October, Pippa was excited about publicizing her book ‘Celebrate’ in America, but the Palace slapped a ban on her trip – fearing she’d be exposed to badgering questions about Kate’s topless scandal and PRINCE HARRY’s nude Las Vegas romp. Pippa complied, but secretly seethed.

"Then came the final straw: The Palace ordered her to withdraw from a tennis match she was playing in at The Queen’s Club in London because the Queen would be attending a polo match at the Cartier Queen’s Cup – and even though it’s miles away, officials felt that Pippa in sexy tennis whites might somehow upstage the Queen.

"It was ridiculous – and that’s when ‘commoner’ Pippa told Royal Kate she’d had enough! She’ll wait for the birth, so as not to take attention away from Kate, PRINCE WILLIAM and their baby – then leave to build her new life. When Kate tried to smooth things over, Pippa snapped: ‘You made this choice to become part of the royal family…I didn’t!’ ”

(American guys can’t wait, grrrl!)