Lindsay Lohan

Mere minutes after the debut episode of her new OWN TV reality series ended, LINDSAY LOHAN, who’d texted “tune in” reminders to ALL her pals, excitedly started phoning for their reviews – and was devastated when they unanimously shredded her shlock-a-thon about life after rehab, calling it “boring”…and worse!

Said a Lohan insider: “On the first few calls, Lindsay tried to defend herself – but by the fifth call, she’d so totally lost it she broke into uncontrollable sobs!”

Despite admitting she’d urged them to be honest, LiLo accused her pals of being cruel…and overly critical!

They responded by reminding her she’d agreed she should always hear the truth – because honesty’s absolutely crucial to addiction recovery.

Said the source: “Lindsay’s response was, ‘I did ask you to be honest, but you’re being totally insensitive to my feelings. I’m just trying to get back on my feet…and it’s hurtful when none of your friends are supportive.’”

On the last call, the shaken star abruptly hung up and sobbed: “I guess I’ll just cry myself to sleep now. Thanks!”