Photography by: Splash News Online

Foodies traditionally drool over gourmet fare in the South of France, but for Hollywood cupcake JENNIFER LAWRENCE, it was like suffering through “The Hunger Games” all over again!

The Oscar winner, attending the Cannes Film Festival, groused to co-stars LIAM HEMSWORTH and SAM CLAFIN that she just couldn’t stomach rich French cuisine.

“I’m starving!” she whined. “I need some real food.”

Finally fed up, so to speak, Jennifer enlisted a pal who’s fluent in French to limo with her to a nearby McDonald’s.

“The girls arrived just as the place was about to close,” said a source, “but they snared an order of two Big Macs, lots of French (you’ll pardon the expression!) fries – and half a dozen cheeseburgers. Jennifer said she’d keep whatever was left over in her fridge for later.”

But by the time she got back to her hotel, just minutes away, she’d already scarfed down one Big Mac, plus half her fries.

“I’m just getting started,” Jen giggled as she emerged from the limo stuffing fries in her face.